About Ourganic Gardens

The intention is for OURganic Gardens to become an outdoor green space focused on food, sustainability, and horticulture. We want to provide a standard of excellence in education , experience and training in the northwest of Donegal, giving tourists and the community a chance to learn new and old skills.

Our aim is to provide all walks of the community with a sense of ‘connection’ to where our food comes from, to encourage them to become environmentally aware, and to live more self-sufficiently. Our educational packages would provide people with the knowledge they need to make responsible decisions about how they live their lives, while surrounded by the beauty and wonder of the natural landscape OURganic Gardens has to offer. We are at the beginning of our dream at OURganic Gardens and we look forward to you joining on our journey.

Organic Garden in Donegal

OUR Mission:

OUR Community, OUR Future, OUR Food
Bringing environmental awareness to people through education, social enterprise and regeneration in the Gaeltacht area.

  • To increase the skills and confidence of people to grow their own food
  • To raise awareness of the connections between sustainability, food, health and wellbeing
  • To be financially sustainable through social enterprise and collaboration
  • To promote traditional, ecological and natural methods and techniques
  • To be an alternative outdoor destination on the Wild Atlantic Way

At OURganic Gardens we want to create an acclaimed educational center in the heart of the Donegal Gaeltacht. We want to provide bespoke packages to tourists, community members, schools and businesses throughout the year. We will have an array of potential clients from all the members of the local community to the national and international eco-tourist.

OUR aim is to reinvigorate the surrounding natural community supporting sustainable employment and delivering exceptional standards in training all with eco credentials. We want to be able to reflect the physical and spiritual landscape of the area and ultimately become a leading provider of eco-friendly education in the North West of Ireland promoting the quality of life and economic opportunities that the Donegal Gaeltacht has to offer .