The vegtable garden 2013 …. The beginning


This is a photo of my garden at the very start of my journey …… April 2013 .
Although I have been growing vegetables for the last 6 years I have never done anything on such a large scale . Since having my three children I have been focused on raising a young family and feeding them as healthy as I could. When the children were babies I would buy vegetables and make all my own baby food and I suppose it just progressed from there .
I started off just growing cabbages and then moved onto courgettes and now I do full crop rotations with as many vegetables and herbs as I can , I have been studying garden books with a passion during this time and I am now studying with the RHS at a home study course .

This year I’m really focused on the community gardens and working at a local garden centre, Cluain Na dTor in Falcarragh so I guess my own garden has been a bit neglected but never the less I look at it all as a huge source of enjoyment and learning and I hope you the reader will too as you follow me on my journey with the community gardeners in Donegal .

I will post regular updates in this blog site and also teaching aids that I use in my classes … This way I get to keep the paper waste down and save some money on ink !